Hi Martin,

thanks for this example. Based on my own experience with SwiftUI in the meantime, there are currently two questions where I do not have a solution for at the moment:

(1) How to integrate with CoreData, i.e., fetching the list not from a static array, but from a CoreData query? I did this using @EnvironmentObject and a store handling the CRUD operations which are triggered from the respective SwiftUI events; however, when having a detail view to the list, the list entry is changed, but the list is not refreshed automatically. I wordaround this by calling a “listStore.update()” operation, but I’m not sure if that is how it should be.

(2) When adding an item to the list, the list does not scroll to that item, what is irritating from a user’s point of view. How can I achieve that with SwiftUI?

I googled a lot about these questions, but did not really find something helpful up to now…

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