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  • Steven Curtis

    Steven Curtis


  • Rajai Kumar

    Rajai Kumar

    I’m a workaholic iOS developer. I focus a lot on UX and product efficiancy.

  • Ricardo Santos

    Ricardo Santos


  • Jared A. Brock

    Jared A. Brock

    Author, filmmaker, cell-free futurist. 500+ articles. TIME/Esquire/Guardian/HuffPost SurvivingTomorrow.org | Join 5,000+ readers & save💰+⏰ → LevelUp.crd.co

  • Luca J.

    Luca J.

    Hi. I’m a German student loving everything Apple. I recently started iOS development, focused on SwiftUI

  • Tirta Adi Gunawan

    Tirta Adi Gunawan

    📱 iOS Developer | www.linkedin.com/in/tirtavium

  • Nikolay Fiantsev

    Nikolay Fiantsev

    iOS developer, engineering enthusiast, biker. 👀

  • Jody Abney

    Jody Abney

    I’m an iOS developer with extensive professional experience in Pharma IT, SAP implementation, Data Migration, Data Analytics/Data Science, and Machine Learning

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